Creation in a Nutshell


†††† An inquisitive man was walking into a forest of oak trees in the cool of the day and found within a short distance the charred remains of a mighty oak that had been struck by lightning.Proceeding on his way he soon found the remains of another mighty oak, stacked as boards by size and shape.Still further into this ancient forest he came upon a beautifully crafted oak desk with matching chair, freshly finished and just the right size for the man.He sat down to apply science to the observed facts and then generate theories to satisfy his curiosity.

†††† He noted that the three particular wood objects he saw on his walk all appeared to have a similar origin, namely the mighty trees that surrounded him.Each of these objects had spent progressively less time in the forest, shown by vine growth on the first, extensive dust on the second, and fresh polish on the third.

†††† It was also apparent that a considerable amount of energy had gone into each but the results were drastically different.The first had been demolished by a random chance hit of a lightning bolt, leaving it with no purpose and no design.The pile of wood showed purpose but no design and the last, at which he now sat, had both purpose and design.

†††† Could it be that a process was started by a bolt of lightning that split the tree apart with a big bang (which he did not hear or see), and a portion of its former hulk transformed into boards of various sizes?Maybe the process continued and a desk and chair emerged, which he now finding, could claim as his very own.Yes that theory would satisfy his curiosity Ö and his ego.

†††† Just then a acorn fell from a branch above striking him on the head, then falling to the desk.No, he had been too hasty to rule out the Laws of Nature and the Laws of God.His applied knowledge of science was faulty and his emotions had generated a theory void of wisdom.Common materials, enormous amounts of energy and long periods of time can not go against the laws of thermodynamics, probability and first cause.Neither can free will and mere presence negate a creator to establish ownership.Trees do not transform into desks without controlled energy, applied purpose and intentional design, and original ownership always belongs to the creator.

†††† The man picked up the acorn.He now possessed a seed of thought and a seed of life.Returning home, he called his children to help him plant the seed of life deep into the soil.In time and by God's grace there would grow a mighty oak at that spot.He then sat down with a copy of Godís Word and his children to instruct them about the Laws of Nature and Natureís God, the Creator of it all.


Lynn Hofland†††††Sept. 1994 ††††††††††††††