Good Health is a choice, your choice!

My own personal health has improved greatly over the last 10 years, as I have made new choices. I have chosen to pursue Optimal Health and Wellness.

I have come to the clear understanding that the design of the human body is excellent, as is the giraffe's. We all struggle with a "common sense" approach to physical daily care and maintance. We accept that the basic requirements are food and water, exercise and rest. If we "listen" carefully to our mind and body it will tell us of it's needs, but is that enough to keep us out of all health crisis conditions? The answer unfortunately is NO.

In the past 30 years there has been great advances in health knowledge, driven upon us by great distress in increased infectious illnesses. My search for "optimal health" has become something of a passion over the past 15 years. My Creator has lead me to both people and materials that has reinforced the goodness of God's design. One area of help has been my access to the NASA Life Sciences Library at Ames Research Center. All though NASA's approach to the "why" of biology is dogmatically explained in some evolutionary wishfullness, I am continually amazed at the discoveries that are reported always lead me back to "design, purpose and interdependence".

It is my desire to assist family, friends, and strangers alike to this health knowledge. I am confident that everyone's health can improve with active and sometimes aggressive physical and nutritional attention. I am very sure that health through natural means is our Creator's intent.

One of my most precious finds in the Life Sciences Library was the book "Cell Membranes", copyright 1975.

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This book is a compilation of papers from research in Biochemistry, Cell Biology and Pathology that were in 1975 on the "cutting edge" of discovery for life's most basic unit, The Cell. The findings were as eye-opening then as they are today, the cell is anything but simple. Chapter 6 is titled Sugars of the Cell Membrane by Saul Roseman at Johns Hopkins University. Dr. Roseman's published paper is the foundation for the now acknowledged studies, therapies and dietary supplementation that are fueling a new revolution in Optimal Health and Wellness. It reports the findings that eight specific sugars, are the "glue" that hold us and all life together. "The rest of the story" is that these sugars are also the alphabet that all cells communicate by.

Science Magazine confirms these findings in March 2001.