Just the Facts Darwin, Just the Facts.


FACT - That which exists, something witnessed firsthand, a datum of experience (plural: data)


HYPOTHESIS – A tentative scientific explanation for a set of observed facts, subject to future proof (or disproof) through further observation and experimentation.


THEORY - A framework of scientific explanation concerning a certain phenomenon or group of phenomena, which has gained validity by showing predictive power or explaining newly observed facts.


SCIENTIFIC LAW – A regular pattern of occurrences of natural events, so regular and predictable that there are few or no exceptions.  The fewer the exceptions to the law, the better established it is.


How well do the data and predictions set forth in Origin of the Species by Charles Darwin stand under the definitions addressed above?  Some of the predictions set forth by Darwin have been elaborated upon over the years to further define Biological Evolution, which is often called “Darwinian Origins” or just “Darwinism”.  Its full scope today is called Naturalism.


“Darwinism” predicts, Naturalism requires:

Creationism proclaims, Science shows:



Prior to Charles Darwin writing Origin of the Species there were several hypothesizes that life, of the kind existing on planet Earth, could have come about by purely natural means.  The scientific study that Darwin was engaged in as a Naturalist while onboard the Beagle was valid for advancing the hypothesis of “natural origins” to the level of it being a theory.


Now, after 150 years of evaluation and study, the proposed theory of Biological Evolution has unfortunately turned into a “Cult”, and the science of its validation has been lost in an attempt to disprove any existence of a divine Maker.


By Dr. Dave Demick, M.D. and Lynn Hofland                                                          October 2005