My understanding of "Good and Optimal Health" has come about from my own struggles with health issues that "progressed as I aged".  I started having skin and immune problems when I was in my "mid teens".  By my late twenties I was having bad allergies problems and skin rashes.  I learned to live with the symptoms and chose not to begin drugs for immune suppression or to take shots of allergens in an attempt to stimulate the immune and lymphatic system into a controlled response.  After 14 years of being tormented by the pollens and pollutants of beautiful California, having migrated from the shorter summers of Montana, I was introduced to a product line of glyconutrients that began to restore my immune system to its proper modulated condition.  Within four months of consuming glyconutrients my sinus conditions had improved, with my mornings being free from a stuffy head and runny nose that took about 4 hours to "drain".  I also found that my energy levels were improving and emotional stresses were more tolerable.



The product line of glyconutrients that brought me to a "Good and Optimal Health" is from the Worlds leading International Nutraceutical Company where they focus on the four fundamental functions of cellular health.


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There are about 75 trillion cells in the human body and excluding the unique physiology of red blood cells, all cells need to 1) communicate, 2) regulate, 3) protect, and 4) be nourished as self controlling "factories".  Although they have an exquisitely complex set of internal instructions (the DNA) for self repair, the cells communicate their needs through neighboring and assisting cells and agents.



Sometimes, either with age or lack of nutrients, the cell will begin to malfunction.  If enough of the cells are malfunctioning due to the same external stress, the body will show symptoms of deterieration and tend to decrease the bodies ability to maintain wellness, which is often referred to as "being sick".  What is sickness?  It is a condition of one or more of just three things stressing the body; 1) trauma ... either physical or emotional, 2) a defective or un-modulated immune system, or 3) overwhelming oxidation.  Doctors have over 800 clinical names for these three sickness conditions, possibly some of them that you are personally familiar with.  The body wants to begin repairs as soon as possible, given that it has the time and the optimal health ingredients to do so.  The question is "Can you give your body what it needs?"


From my struggles to yours and from my wellness to your desire to find answers, try this: Breath deep and Rest well, Drink fluids and Eat nutritiously, and as any good doctor should recommend, supplement your diet with quality standardized glyconutrients, provided from the worlds leader in Optimal Health consumables!!!!! E-mail me today!!!