The Age of the Creation

By Lynn Hofland


The age of the Creation is not measured in sedimentary rocks or scientific discoveries, but is measured in the character of the Triune God who purposely created “in the beginning ... the heavens and the earth”.  He spoke into existence the triune entities of Time, Space and Matter, establishing the Universe.  He teamed the Creation with three forms of Life, those being Plant, Animal and Man (who bears His image ... Spiritually).  He purposed the Creation for three reasons; 1) to glorify the Creator in both radiance and reflection, 2) to establish a bond of fellowship with Man and his posterity, and 3) to challenge the “power” of Darkness, which consumed Lucifer, by illuminating darkness with The Light. 


All three of these purposes are being accomplished, as we live and as this creation winds down.  Though the stars are so distant - God is omnipresent, though the rocks can be moved and molded - God is foundational, and though the people are so misguided and malleable God is infinitely merciful.  The question is not how long a time does it take, but how longsuffering is the Father of the rebellious ones.  The question is not how deep is a stratified canyon but how deep is the love the Son has for His creation.  The question is not how powerful is “dark energy” but how powerful and compelling is the Holy Spirit in the heart of a New Man.


Does God’s character give man reason to believe that the Creation needs 14 billion years?  Does God’s character give man reason to believe that the Deluge must be small in order to save a remnant of animals and man?  Does God’s character give man reason to believe that a virgin cannot give birth to a child?


God’s character is the reason that His Word is True.  “I am the LORD, I change not.” Malachi 3:6  “He spoke and it was done, He commanded and it stood fast.” Psalms 33:9. Change, especially purposeless change, is absolutely not in God’s character, neither in Himself nor in His Works.  Does God allow change?  Yes, for the reason spelled out in Romans 8:20-23.  Is this kind of change purposeless?  No, because it is His purpose to redeem His Creation!  Is the change of microevolution purposeless?  No, it gives each “Man” their choice of puppy dog or fluffy cat and it fulfills the #1 reason for the Creation.  Is the change of macroevolution purposeless?  YES!  Are “long ages of time” without purposeful fellowship purposeless?  YES!